• Promoting Local Communities

    Argan oil production is an important source of income for many rural communities in Morocco. Sustainable production involves supporting local cooperatives and ensuring that the communities benefit fairly from the production and sale of the oil.

  • Adapting a Zero-Waste Approach

    The nuts are collected and dried in the sun. The kernels are removed to then extract the oil by hand. This method generates almost no waste. The remaining shells are burned for fuel and the pulp is used as food for the village animals.

  • Protecting the Argan Forests

    The Argan forests in southwestern Morocco are a unique and important ecosystem that supports a wide range of flora and fauna. Sustainable argan oil production involves protecting the forests from overuse and degradation, and ensuring that they are managed in a way that supports long-term ecological sustainability.

  • Using Eco-Friendly Practices

    Sustainable argan oil production involves using eco-friendly practices throughout the production process, from harvesting the argan nuts to processing the oil. This can include using natural fertilizers, reducing water usage, and using renewable energy sources.

The argan trees of Morocco.

Argan forests are essential to the environment and the local communities that depend on them. They provide habitat for endangered species, help prevent soil erosion, and provide wood for fuel and other resources for the locals. The growing demand for argan oil, however, has resulted in overexploitation of these forests. Estimates suggest that up to 600 000 hectares of argan forest have been destroyed in recent years.

To address this issue, efforts have been made to promote sustainable harvesting practices and protect the remaining argan forests.

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  • Packaging

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  • Glass Bottles

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  • Shipping Paper

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